About Meet Culture

Meet Culture was founded in Athens, Greece, the birthplace of Western civilization, and meanwhile deeply rooted in China, an ancient country with history of thousands of years, and have been the leading culture organization promoting culture exchange between China and Greece.

Among the cultural exchange projects which have been accomplished by Meet Culture, the outstanding ones include the First Ever Guqin Concerts in Greece, Ancient Greek Lyre Promotion in China, Chang Jing Music Travel in Greece, Aegean Music Tour in China, Historical Greek-Chinese collaborated album “Aegean” publishing in China, Chinese Painting Exhibition “China Meets Greece”, “Maritime Silk Road” Documentary with China Southeast Television, Chinese Culture Events in Greece including Chinese New Year Tea Ceremony, Chinese Traditional Music Lecture, Chinese Cuisine Program at“Dr. Cook” of Mega TV, Shangsi Festival Cultural Gathering in Athens, etc., the cultural travel projects with various Chinese online tourism websites and social medias, etc. Currently, Meet Culture is also the international supporter of the Hemes Project of University of Athens.

Meet Culture have been enjoying good relationships with Greek medias such as Mega TV, deBop, Athena9.84, Greek Reporter, Kathinmerini, etc., GNTO, Marketing Greece, Greece China Friendship Gate, Municipality of Zakynthos, Municipality of Santorini, Boutari, Aegean Airlines, etc., as well as the partners in China. As the leading platform, more partners are joining to together contribute to the culture exchange between the two countries.

Meet Culture currently owning the below businesses:

Meet Music — the music label focusing on Chinese music crossover with western music;

Meet Travel — the tailor-made tourism service for Chinese tourists to Greece;

Meet Culture Space — the culture space based in Chengdu, including both Greek and Chinese culture;

Meet Greece — the promotion of high quality Greek products to China.


What Meet Culture Have Done?

Cultural Projects:

 1) Music Travel in Greece: In October/November 2015, we invited Chinese musicians Chang Jing and Zhang Di to come to Greece to collaborate with the Ancient Greek Lyre band Lyre ’n’ Rhapsody to record the historical crossover album Aegean. In the meantime, we hosted two concerts in Athens and Santorini and invited Cretan lyre musician Ross Daly. This project was sponsored by Aegean Airline, Marketing Greece, Trip2Taste, Boutari, Astra Suites, etc., and reported by mor than 30 medias in including Kathimerini, Athinorama, Kontra TV, MAD TV, CCTV, etc. The Chinese musicians had fruitful exchanges all the way with the Greek musicians, artists, etc.

MV of Golden Mist, the hit song of Aegeanhttps://youtu.be/dwKK5GlIp8s

2) First Ever Guqin concerts in Athens and Santorini: In July 2014, we successfully held the first ever Guqin concerts in Athens and Santorini, in collaboration with Municipality of Voula and La Ponta in Santorini. Guqin is the most ancient string instrument in China with more than 3000 years of history. 450 audience attended the concert in Voula and 35 people (this is the maximum amount of the music hall of Castle of Akrotiri and most of the audience are local musicians, artists and cultural people living in the island). In the concert in Athens, we also invited an ancient Greek Lyre band to have the improvisation with Chinese musician Wang Long, which was the first time that these two ancient instruments meet with each other and the performance received favourable comments. It was also reported by many main cultural medias in Greece.

3) Ancient Greek Lyre Promotion in China:  As one of the precious symbol of ancient Greek culture, we have started the promotion project in China, including a music crowdfunding project, collaboration with Chinese musicians, sales of lyre to Chinese people, lyre training and lessons, etc.

4) Five Elements: Together with Bandu Music, a leading folk and contemporary music company in Shanghai, we have proposed our application to Athens Festival, together with the cooperation from Greek musicians and composers, to introducing the most talented young Chinese musicians who will perform together with the Greek musicians.

5) Chinese Painting Exhibition “China Meets Greece”: In partnership with Grecotel, we curated a Chinese painting exhibition for a Chinese artist who is living in Athens at Pallas Athena Hotel. We received many media reports and also the cultural attache of Chinese Embassy in Greece visited us during the exhibtion. The paintings were sold quite well and the exhibition wasextended due to its good feedback.

6) Chinese culture events: We hosted tens of cultural events about Chinese traditional culture in Athens in cooperation with tea house, art gallery, Confucious center in Athens, Chinese language school and disabled Greek school, including Chinese music, kongfu, tea, painting, etc.  In each event we had around 20-35 Greek audience.

7) Maritime Silk Road: As the local coordinator, we planned and executed the whole filming with China Southeast Television for a documentary Maritime Silk Road, and interviewed the shipowner Evangelos Angelakos, sailing champion Sofia Bekatorou, sandal maker Pantelis Melissinos, Director of the opening ceremony of Athens Olympic Games Dimitris Papaioannou, etc.. This documentary was widely broadcasted in China.

 8) Documentary project of Being Chinese in Athens: In cooperation with Greek Reporter, a leading English Greek news portal that based in Los Angeles, we filmed the Documentary Being Chinese in Athens last year. It is the first documentary that introduces the life of Chinese who are living in Athens. We interviewed many important Chinese people in Athens, which includes CEO of Cosco, editor-in-chief of China-Greece Times, President of China Tour Greece travel agency, Headmaster of Chinese school, etc.

Travel Projects:

General introduction: The two founders are the members of Travel Bloggers Greece as the only two Chinese travel bloggers in Greece, and also the Greece Representatives of Sina Travel, Smart Travellers of Qunar.com, Travel Planning Advisors of Baidu Travel, Travellers of ctrip.com, City Hunters of Breadtrip, Author of Greece Guide of Youpu Travel. All of these are top online travel agencies/platforms/social medias in China which have millions of viewership daily. We also have close relationship with GNTO and Marketing Greece.

1) Blogtrotters 2015: In June 2015, we participated in the Blogtrotters 2015 organized by Marketing Greece in Thessaloniki. We have been visiting and exploring many wonderful places in Greece and have introduced them to more and more Chinese tourists through our channels.

2) Travel books of Athens and Santorini on Qunar.com: The most comprehensive online travel book of Athens and Santorini on Qunar.com.

3) Tailor-made Cultural Travel Service: The service of cultural travel includes itinerary planning, cultural experiences, secretary service, etc. This is Meet Culture’s long term main business product.

4)  Greece Guide: In cooperation with Youpu (http://www.youpu.cn/), an up-treading travel platform in China to write a e-Travel Guide of Greece. This guide is the first ever most comprehensive guide of Greece which is written from a Chinese perspective including 820 POIs and 15 routes. Greece National Tourism Organization and Marketing Greece joined this project as our official partners, and Aegean Airline was our sponsor. Municipalities of Zakynthos and Heraklion provided strong support.

5) e-Travel guide of Mykonos in partnership with Qunar.com and also e-Athens guide in cooperation with Ali Travel.

Culture Space:

Meet Culture Space is based in the city center of Chengdu, the biggest city in West China, including both Greek and Chinese culture. There are regular cultural activities every week in the Space, who also provide the authentic experience of the Greek culture and products.

Meet Greece:

Meet Culture has teamed up several Greek partners to promote the Greek products of high quality to Chinese market, such as Boutari, etc. Chinese people have very limited knowledge about Greek products, which have been found difficult to be sold in Chinese market. It is very important to introduce the culture to the Chinese people first which is not only the culture exchange but also the branding of this country’s products. Meet Culture has been the leading culture organization of culture exchange between Greece and China, so has the advantage to promote Greek products through the cultural network.


The Story about the Co-founders of Meet Culture: