Athens Chengdu

Athens Chengdu

Chengdu the largest city in the West of China is famous for its thousands history and of course the panda. Clock seems running slower than elsewhere if one indulged oneself in Chengdu style. There’s a saying that the city is a city you would never goodbye to because of its hospitality, accommodating and the way of living life of Chengdunese – their unique sense of humor.

If one spun the globe to Aegean Sea, there’s a city has a similar historic length and custom with Chengdu – Athens.

We moved to Chengdu from Athens and never thought before there are so many things in common of these two cities. Usually, there’s always some difficulties when one has been relocated to a new city, but how surprised that Chengdu keeps delivering us the sense of deja vu in our daily life, which helps us started the new life here swimmingly.

Please allow us to Introduce you these two cities with following video.

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