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The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing.


We have been pushed ahead and paced up everyday. Sometimes we may catch a glimpse of our inner deficiency and fear in a trance, worrying that we may fall behind the information trend and being threw away from the times; or that we may lose our purpose for being busy and occupied. When the acquisition of information gets easier and access of artificial intelligence is near at hand, we can’t help wonder and question ourselves what our ultimate purpose is as human being.

The understanding from Socrates of philosophy is not just the knowledge but the“love”for it. It is the potential we can dig out from ourselves. So Steve Jobs said:”I would exchange all of my technology for one afternoon with Socrates.” Jobs is the person who leads and changes the world and he communicates with Socrates beyond the time and space. It started and opened his limitless wisdom so that he was expecting to have a conversation with him through thousands of years. This is the charm of history which can break the space for wisdom. It is the crystallization after millennial evolution. It might become the key for human beings to start the advantage in the future…

Innovation is a way of accumulating traditions from generation to generation. Only those who thoroughly understand the classic cultures could share chances working in the western in those design companies, high-end clothing companies, and various scientific and technical corporations. As far as they’ve concerned, the charm of the history lies exactly in its character. They believe, it will moisten things silently. History and culture are the fountain of human’s inspiration and strength, so that they can cool themselves down for carving their long-last career.

Think about it, how long haven’t you gone to the library? Or even if you have been in a library, can you spend some time reading a book? Some times the fragmental information in the mobile phones is much more attractive than books.

Once we all had a dream library in our imagination, filling with books, wiser men and readers who are longing for knowledge.

Here we turn dreams into true! We have opened the first Greek Library in Kuixinglou Street in Chengdu where there are regularly classes, salons, language corner, music sharing, etc., and in the meantime we have also started a project Greek Circuit Library, which would bring the library into the companies, communities, etc.

We wish this kind of life attitude can benefit many people. It works to make people feel tranquility and freedom of learning and reading.

So what should we know about Greek Circuit Library?

We provide cultural communications/services in the companies and communities in forms of reading clubs, lectures, salons, etc., which will bring together:

1. Benefits for the company staff

We provide reading clubs and culture sharing to improve teamwork, and lead to better performance and productivity. With enriching employee’s spiritual life, they will have more cultural spirituality when they are involving in scheming programs or designing.

2. Community activities

Satisfying the parents’ needs of classic culture. Let parents and children get classic culture’s exposure. It makes your view far more beyond mathematical Olympiad class, training courses, or non-nutritive animations/comics/TV series.

3. Cultural tasting activities

Explaining the elements of Fashion & Luxury design, desire of cultural traveling and artistic appreciation. The real high-quality life also contains historical inheritance.

Study may well be a way of thinking as well as a way of life. Ancient Greek education attached great importance to enlightenment and learning which brings us the attitude that we should persistently hold on to.
The Greek Library is now open for daily excess and you can apply for the membership to join the regular classes. For the cooperation on Greek Circuit Library in your companies and communities, please contact us at [email protected]

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