Meet Music is a music label based in China focusing on traditional music, as well as music exchanges between China and other civilisations.


CEO & Operations Director

Miao Bin


Marketing Director

Eley Yuan

Artistic Director

Chang Jing


Music Director

Zhang Di


Presented by / Planning: Meet Culture
Producer / Art Director: Chang Jing
Guzheng: Chang Jing
Wind Instruments: Zhang Di
Ancient Greek Lyre: Aliki Markantonatou
Percussion: Areti Miggou
Vocal: Athena Chioti
Sound Engineer: Nenad Radosevic
Guest Musicians: Lukia Konstantatou, Pan Kaperneka
Cover Artist:Ma Lingli
Cover Design:Du Wentao
Video Editor: Da Gou Shan Wa
Photographer: Chang Jing, Zhang Di, Miao Bin, Eley Yuan
Literature Director / Cover Calligraphy:Gao Tianchen

Project Introduction

Traveling across the Silk Road, one of China’s most exceptional Guzheng virtuoso Chang Jing, together with the talented Xiao(Chinese flute) musician Zhang Di, came to Greece for their “Sound of Silk” Music Travel, which was initiated and organized by Meet Culture, an culture exchange company based in Athens. During their music travel,  Chang Jing and Zhang Di had the historical collaboration with the Ancient Greek Lyre band Lyre ‘n’ Rhapsody to record the first ever Chinese-Greek crossover music album, named AEGEAN. Besides, they also had their premiere performance at Trianon Theater in Athens on 26th October and at Boutari Winery in Santorini on 31st October.

This album will be released in both China and Greece, as well as the rest of the world. It is a milestone of the culture exchange between these two ancient civilizations.


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Chang Jing, Zhang Di and lyre 'n' rhapsody

Chang Jing

Chang Jing (2)

Acclaimed Guzheng performer Chang Jing is regarded as one of Four Guzheng Beauties and the best one to combine singing and playing. In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony, she played solo in the work “A Moonlit Flowery Night on the Spring River”, leaving a deep impression to people all over the world. She also serves as the Royal Instructor of Music for the Princess of Thailand. In 2013, Chang performed with the famous musician Yiannis Chryssomallis in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Chang Jing has released tens of  popular albums with record companies such as American Real Music Record Company, etc. She has worked with many world-class musicians including conductor Lorin Maazel, composer Chen Qigang and also seeks cooperation with different art forms varing from movies to dance dramas like director Zhang Yimou’s film “Under the Hawthorn Tree”. She has also been invited to perform in various international music festivals such as Contemporary Music Festival in Lyon, Paris and Spain as well as accompany visit with Premier Wen Jiabao and Hu Jintao. She is very active on domestic and international stage and has performed together with Chinese composer Chen Qigang, Chinese conductor Tang Muhai, French National Orchestra, Germany Stuttgart Symphonic, China Philharmonic Orchestra and China National Symphony Orchestra.

Zhang Di


Zhang Di, as a famous Chinese flute performer, is also the committee member of Chinese Nationalities Orchestra Society and Curriculum Director of Beijing Famous Music Classroom. Zhang has been teaching Di and Xiao for over fifteen years. He learned from several Chinese flute masters like Zhang Weiliang, Yu Xunfa and Kong Qingshan. He has been invited in CCTV music channel and large-scale concerts. In 2013 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, he performed together with Chang Jing and Yiannis Chryssomallis.

Lyre ‘n’ Rhapsody


Lyre ‘n’ Rhapsody ensemble was formed in 2013, aspiring to record and present fragments of music Lyrical Poetry, as well as to adapt Greek folk songs and create original musical compositions.

Ensemble has released 2 albums, in 2013 “Awakening The Muse” and in 2014 “Kirke”. In 2015 they did interesting collaboration with Chinese musician Ching Jang. It’s the first time that two ancient culture Greek and Chinese blend their sounds, album is expected to be released January 2016.

Aliki Markantonatou- Composition, Lyre, Vocals
Areti Miggou- Percussions, arrangement-performance on Daouli and Udu, Vocals
Athena Chioti- Vocals

Nenad Radosevic- Audio Engineering/ Production

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Kevin and Eley

China and Greece are two great ancient countries that gives birth to East and West civilizations respectively. Almost in the same period, the two great philosophies Confucius and Socrates has laid the foundation of culture of two countries. Different history and development has led to two different cultures that looks familiar while mysterious. Even though after thousands of years, we still don’t know much about each other.

One night back in two years ago, a young couple from China came to Greece and started to reconnect these two ancient civilizations through their own effort. In order to prepare the first ever Guqin concert in Greece, they came across a piece of music through the internet. It sounds so ancient and modern at the same time, smooth, elegant and soulful. They just realized it was the music of ancient Greek Lyre, one of the oldest instruments in Greece and the symbol of western music, Most important of all, they found that it would be very interesting and meaningful to let ancient Greek Lyre meet with Guqin. Under the effort of these two young men, ancient Greek lyre and Guqin met with each other for the first time in history.

Ancient Greek Lyre is a unique instrument, honored in Classical Antiquity, where the spirit of Greece reached it’s peak. It has the same origin as the word Lyric because it is always accompanied by lyrics while playing. Mythology tells us that god Hermes invented the lyre, made it from tortoise shell, gut and horns and offered it as a present to his brother Apollo, the god of Art, Light and Music, in order to calm him down after a fight they had. Apollo took the Lyre and immediately forgot his anger and started playing and singing. So, lyre music is connected with the light that brings a free spirit and heart. It is an instrument that can heal emotions, educate, bring serenity, and express deep feelings. Lyre ‘n’ Rhapsody is one of the few Greek bands devoted to the revival of ancient Greek music in a modern dialogue.

Aliki Markantonatou, one of the leading ancient Greek lyre musicians, has formed the band Lyre ‘n’ Rhapsody together with the percussionist Areti Miggou and the vocalist Athena Chioti, who have committed themselves to make the glory of Greek music to be re-known to the world through their performances and creations. Aliki know almost everyone related to ancient Greek lyre including musicians, makers, scholars, museums, etc., and she likes sharing her knowledge about lyre and music and contributing to revive ancient Greek lyre in Greece and the rest of the world. Areti is a versatile percussionist, and good at Daouli and Udu. She lives in Patra and is enthusiastic as other Peloponnesian. Athena is a typical Greek beauty, and has very beautiful voice which can touch your soul, and can bring us to the ancient Greece. Nenad has excellent ears which can catch every detail of the music, and he is an expert of recording for on-site improvisations. He lives in Santorini for most time of a year, and is deeply immersed in the art of Aegean Sea.

Because of them, we know better about ancient Greek music and Greek lyre, and surprisingly find there are many similarities with Chinese culture. Confucius and Socrates, these two greatest philosophers, coincidentally had some same insights on the importance of music. Lyre ‘n’ Rhapsody’s music, reminded us of the famous Guzheng beauty Chang Jing, whose music is also ethereal and beautiful, also with different charms. In last Chinese New Year, we brought their music to Chang Jing, who fell in love with it. So we came out with the idea to bring the musicians from these two ancient civilizations for collaboration, which must be very interesting and wonderful.

This idea came to be true this October.

Just like the old friends, they met each other in the big house of Greek traditional style which was built in 1930’s, to record this historical Chinese-Greek crossover album. Their creations and recordings are like their conversations through music. We chose to be far away from the normal recording studio, but in this nice house where the musicians can get their inspirations in comfortable surroundings. In the next ten days, the two Chinese musicians together with Greek musicians, met each other, know each other, and collaborate with each other.

Chang Jing was called fairy, because in the music world, she is not compliance with the regular rules, which was shown also in her collaboration with Lyre ’n’ Rhapsody. The gods and fairies from the west and the east were inspired by each other’s ancient mythologies, or a bird singing outside of the window, or a lovely girl’s visit. Beautiful melodies flowed inside the house and connected their hearts.

We are so honored to bring this meaningful meeting in the name of Meet Culture, to make China and Greece so closer to each other because of music. Finally this historical Chinese-Greek crossover album is now published, with the blessings from all supporters for this music travel in Greece. We believe this is only the beginning, and more glorious things will happen between these two ancient civilizations.

In the end of this music travel, we asked Chang Jing about the similarities between Chinese and Greek music. She said, “though born in different soil, Chinese music and Greek music both advocate harmony between the heaven and human and between the instrument and human, and fusion with nature, and you can feel one word in both — harmony.” About 2,500 years ago, Plato said, “music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”

Historical Greek-Chinese Crossover Album AEGEAN


Aegean: This is the first ever Chinese-Greek collaboration album recorded by well-known Chinese Gushing musician Chang Jing, Xiao (Chinese flute) musician Zhang Di together with Ancient Greek Lyre band Lyre ’n’ Rhapsody. Unlike what people have in mind the stereotype of traditional music, the music of this album is transcending time and space. Most of the pieces are pure improvisation or recreation based on ancient melodies. It is magical to see contemporary music of these two great ancient civilisations wedding a thousand years old tradition with newly crafted melodies that could easily resonate with everyone’s heart nowadays.

This historical album will be released in China and Greece in 2016. In April, we will organise a release party and concert together with our partners and sponsors to celebrate the official release of this album. Please stay tuned!

Presented by / Planning: Meet Culture
Producer / Art Director: Chang Jing
Guzheng: Chang Jing
Flute: Zhang Di
Ancient Greek Lyre: Aliki Markantonatou
Percussion: Areti Miggou
Vocal: Athena Chioti
Sound Engineer: Nenad Radosevic
Guest Musicians: Lukia Konstantatou, Pan Kaperneka
Cover Artist:Ma Lingli
Cover Design:Du Wentao
MV Editor: Da Gou Shan Wa
Photographer: Chang Jing、Zhang Di、Miao Bin、Eley Yuan
Literature Director:Gao Tianchen


1. Golden Mist

Guzheng, Bansuri Flute, Ancient Greek Lyre, Daouli, Vocal
Improvised by Chang Jing, Zhang Di and Lyre’n’Rhapsody

Guzheng, Bansuri Flute, Ancient Greek Lyre, Daouli, Vocal
Improvised by Chang Jing, Zhang Di and Lyre’n’Rhapsody

Lyrics: Homer, Iliad
Then Cronos’ son took his wife in his arms.
Underneath them divine Earth made fresh flowers grow—
dew-covered clover, crocuses, and hyacinths,
lush and soft, to hold the lovers off the ground.
They lay together there covered with cloud,
a lovely golden mist, from which fell glistening dew.

Chang Jing: Laying beside the Aegean sea, looking at the azure blue sky with floating clouds, I just could not stop it. It was so beautiful and peaceful. I started to count the clouds, one, two…as if I was in the paradise. If allowed, I would like the time to stop at this moment…

Zhang Di: Music could bring us to anywhere we would like, no matter it is in the memory or fantasy. When hearing some sound, I know that something similar comes to our mind, about music, about love…

2. Seagull

Guzheng, Shepherd Flute, Ancient Greek Lyre
Improvised by Chang Jing, Zhang Di and Aliki Markantonatou

Chang Jing: During our stay in Greece, every afternoon until evening is our beloved recording time. We could only squeeze our time to be travelers in the early morning. Still remembered that one morning, we went to Plaka and all the way along the peddle road, we went to the Museum of Greek Popular Musical Instruments. We were so excited to see so many instruments that we had never seen before. At the end of the trip, Zhang Di bought one shepherd flute in the museum shop. He seemed very interested in that instrument and was trying to play it. I then suggested, why not record this instrument in our recording this afternoon? Practise a bit and let’s have a try! Two hours later, we arrived at the studio and we recorded this lovely bird song with this cute shepherd flute and four wood spoons from Areti.

Zhang D: When you see the world through new eyes, even a warble of a bird or a mew of a cat could be mysterious and interesting. Not to mention how fascinating it is to play with these little instruments.

3. Seikilos Epitaph – Oson Zeis

Guzheng, Flute, Ancient Greek Lyre, Kanun, Udu, Vocal
Composed by Seikilos,
Improvised by Chang Jing, Zhang Di and Lyre’n’Rhapsody

Lyrics: Seikilos Epitaph (1 C.A.D)
As long as you live, shine
Feel no grief at all
Life is short
Life demands its toll
Translated by A.D. Maingan

Chang Jing: This is a song that makes me wanna cry every time. Later I learned that this piece is the oldest surviving example of a complete ancient Greek music composition. It was engraved on a tombstone, back in AD100, and was composed and written by Seikilos, in remembrance of his dead wife. It immediately reminded me of a Chinese poem which was written by Su Shi, also was in remembrance of his dead wife. Only through plucking the strings, traveling through the sound of singing, could we reach wherever we want, meet the one you dream of.

Zhang Di: The ancient souls are always easy to resonate with each other. They possess the power of calm and tranquility.

4. Playing in the Sand

Guzheng, Bansuri Flute, Ancient Greek Lyre, Kamale n’goni, Wooden Spoons
Improvised by Chang Jing, Zhang Di, Aliki Markantonatou, Areti Miggou

Chang Jing: Before I came to Greece, my bestie Weiwei was pregnant. I was so happy that I promised to compose a song for her baby “little ball”. It was a coincidence that Athena brought her five years old daughter to the studio one day. She is so beautiful with blinking big eyes. She smiled when she saw the Guzheng and me, and I smiled back. It was her first time to see a Chinese instrument and obviously she loves it very much. She kept trying plucking the strings with her little cute hand, and I started to teach her some basics, which is the first 4 strings in an octave (do, re mi, sol). She is very clever and picked up very quickly. Well then, let’s start this song from do re mi sol.

Zhang Di: Then moment that I saw Sophia, it reminded me of “little ball”. I clearly remembered that we were amazed by the beautiful big eyes of Sophia and this melody just flows right out naturally!

5. Aegean Blue

Guzheng, Ancient Greek Lyre
Improvised by Chang Jing and Aliki Markantonatou

Chang Jing: I came to Greece because of Aliki’s lyre. I told her, let’s create some music together. Only you and me, Lyre and Guzheng. I didn’t think much and just started. She followed and came in gradually. It was like the meeting of two old friends who have known each other for a long time. When we finished the last note, I was so excited that I hugged her immediately and remained speechless for a long while…

Zhang Di: Listening to the talk of these two ladies, I forgot to think, and even to breathe. Staying in Aegean Sea, which is 7,000km away from home and staring in space, a big round moon rises…

6. Fisherman’s Longing

Guzheng, Bansuri Flute, Ancient Greek Lyre, Vocal
Improvised by Chang Jing, Zhang Di, Aliki Markantonatou and Athena Chioti

Chang Jing: It was as if a beautiful dream, that I didn’t want to wake up…

Zhang Di: At that moment, it felt that I had become a fish in the Aegean Sea, swimming in the sea. Even though I might be caught by the fisherman, I would be glad to be a delicious dish…

7. Little Dragon

Improvised by Chang Jing

Chang Jing: “Can I try it?” I asked Lukia Konstantatoup, the teacher of Kanun. She nodded, so I sat down on the floor, silently greeted to the Kanun, “Hello, nice to see you for the first time. I’m very happy.” First time to play, and first time to record. I like this simple but gentle style of recording. I believe in falling in love at first sight:) When I finished playing, the teacher said, she saw the starry sky over the Aegean Sea.

Zhang Di: Astrologers don’t need to travelled the whole world to know all stars in every sky; Singers don’t need to sing all the songs in the world to tell the stories. Love, makes any distance negligible.

8. Vineyard

Guzheng, Shakuhachi, Ancient Greek Lyre, Kanun
Improvised by Chang Jing, Zhang Di, Aliki Markantonatou and Lukia Konstantatou

Chang Jing: Guzheng, Ancient Greek Lyre, Kanun, three pluck instruments plus one Shakuhachi that appears indistinctly…hustle and bustle while playing. However when the music stopped, it feels a bit too quite, just like the feeling of women being together.

Zhang Di: Three ladies are playing music and having fun, I just sigh deeply aside.

9. Plagiaulos of Koilē

Guzheng, Plagiaulos of Koilē*, Paestum Aulos, Ancient Greek Lyre, Vocal
Improvised by Chang Jing, Zhang Di, Aliki Markantonatou, Pan Kaperneka
*Replica of the unique Hellenistic side flute excavated in Athens [study and reconstruction of the instrument: Dr. Chrēstos Terzēs])

Chang Jing: Pan Kaperneka and Dr. Chrestos Terzēs came on the last day of our recording. They have been to our concert in Athens and they expressed their gratitude and affection to us at the backstage after the performance. Also they said they would love to record music with me. I thought they were just saying that. To my surprise, they came with their instruments on the last day. Dr. Chrestos Terzēs is the professor of ancient Greek music and instruments, he is very tall (almost 2 meters). He brought the Plagiaulos of Koilē, which is a new replica of the unique Hellenistic side flute excavated in Athens. Pan is a great musician. His unique voice was so charming and magnificent that one could picture the high mountain and flowing water in her mind immediately.

Zhang Di: The luckiest thing in travelling is to meet with people who tells the story and who sings the ballad. One could bring you to the mythology, and the other one could let your imagination fly.

10. The Moon Has Set

Guzheng, Bass Flute, Ancient Greek Lyre, Vocal
Improvised by Chang Jing, Zhang Di, Aliki Markantonatou

Lyrics: Sappho’s Poetry (7 C.B.C)

The moon has set,
and the Pleiades;
it is midnight,
the time is going by,
and I sleep alone.
Translated by H. T. Wharton

Chang Jing: Encountered many fleeting beautiful moments in my life. See in  the eyes, and keep deeply in the heart. Because time is short, it becomes eternal.

Zhang Di: During this music journey, we tried to express our feeling through music, poems and singing. Everytime when I recall this experience, I will be deeply touched by the love that we received in Greece and the time seems to become eternal.

What Musicians Said


Aliki Markantonatou

Scene 1

The House
Stone walls and wooden floors, the ceiling tall, the light smooth……Feeling the life that was once here, receiving the blessings of the previous habitats…..a house built in 1932 from Greeks who came from Lesvos island, the island of Sappho.
Are we going to have the sound that will echo back our hearts song? Nenad is setting the mics to do the sound test. Tomorrow our Chinese friends are coming, are they going to enjoy? First effort of recording…….Yes!!! The House will support our music….

Scene 2
Our friends enter the house. First time we meet. Joy in the eyes! Joy in the heart. Not much to say, let’s play!!!

Scene 3
Here we are!
Graceful and with elegant manners Chang Jing sits next to me to listen to the theme the Lyre will play. I play once. She has got it already, I can see it in her eyes. She moves to her Gucheng and starts playing. Yes, she knows the piece already. Jang Di picks one of his flutes and starts playing along. It is a beautiful combination. Then the voice of Athena comes in. She is doing some angelic vocals. And Areti enters with her percussion. Here we are! The piece is etherical and groovy. Well done!!!

Scene 4
In place
One after the other we record tracks. All sound beautiful, we will select later…..Expressing our self, one by one and all together. Chang Jing holds the space in a silent, powerful way. She conducts the flow, and she is doing it with mastership. Everything falls in place.

Scene 5
I feel very tired. Much work, little sleep. How am I going to play tonight? The concert starts with Chang Jing and Jang Di. I go close and listen from backstage…….Mmmm……Sound of heaven. The tiredness goes away, energy comes back. Lyre ‘n’ Rhapsody perform towards the end of this concert with Chang Jing and Jang Di……All of us on stage, feels like taking a flight to the sky.

Scene 6
Our guests musicians came to meet with the Changs today. Each one a precious meeting, a portal to other dimensions of Greek-Chinese musical collaboration. Lukia with the Kanun, Pan with his vocals, Dr. Terzis with his ancient flutes, reconstructions of instruments found in archeological excavations . What an abundance, what a good luck!!!

Scene 7
The video
After five days of working together the group energy is really strong now. Intimacy, laughters, playing, preparing, all supporting, all participating as musicians, photography directors, cameraman, make up artists….The flow is amazing, and a difficult job, becomes easy….

Scene 8
Time for Goodbye
Though the project has been more fruitful than expected, and the music happened easily I feel sad today…. I know that I will meet Chang Jing and Jang Di after long time….. Wishes for the best and thanks are exchanged among us……..A deep relief that everything went well, and a deep sigh that we need to say goodbye…..but we will meet through internet. It is nice to play ancient instruments in a modern world that you can take the airplane and meet!!!! After all, because of this modern world became possible the meeting of Greek and Chinese ancient instruments!!


Areti Miggou

Music is beyond borders, music unite people and create feelings. Our recordings was a journey through cultures inspired of them and inspired of the people involved in the whole project. I feel very lucky to release some music in space with such creative and excellent musicians as Chang Jing and Zhang Di. I appreciate it so much that they came in Greece to meet us and to make some music together and i appreciate that Meet Culture brought us together. It makes me wish to do it again and visit China soon. After that our hearts are forever connected through our music…


Athena Chioti

Working with Chang Jing and Zhang Di is like a virtual journey to China.
Like a journey in the magical world of senses.
Experiencing these two gifted people playing music, is like watching a Chinese painting coming into life.
Like bringing a Chinese poem into life.
I remember during the recordings catching myself daydreaming, as I watched them playing music.
I could nearly touch the cherry trees.
I could almost hear the singing of the exotic birds of China.
I could smell the tea of China.
May they be blessed.

lyre 'n' rhapsody

Nenad Radosevic

Recording Aegean album was uniq experience, from the first day there was some mystic uplifting energy for all of the people in the room. The quality of the blend of 2 ancient cultures, Greek and Chinese, instruments, musicians and the house where album was recorded came as a surprise to all off us. The music sounded really good!

Mixing is a process where I place a song in certain space and time, and on this project imagination really kicked on a whole new level. Usually I would place music in a natural environment like a forest or mountain, and send it back in ancient world… that worked great for mixing a music for Lyre ’n’ Rhapsody, but when I worked on this collaboration album for the first time music took shape in new form beyond space and time. It appeared to me in shape of Dragon whose kingdom exist in form or creative manifest free from limits of time and space.

Mixing of each and every song on this album has been guided by the most glorious Dragon which lives in all of us, if you want to discover your Dragon just play Aegean album close your eyes and be part of Dragon’s kingdom.

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